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Dive into one of our breakfast, lunch or dinner selections, or stop in for dessert, and you’ll instantly discover what makes Fóumami, Fóumami. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, to stay or to go; soups and salads that can easily be a main course; snacks and a great selection of specially made hot and cold beverages.

High standards are our daily standard. Hours of preparation go into the food that we’re able to serve you in minutes. Everything is freshly prepared in our open kitchen, where you’ll see us searing and steaming chicken; julienning fresh produce to add a refreshing note to our sandwiches; or infusing ginger roots and cinnamon bark together for a new take on iced tea.


“Our Shao Bing bread helps define every Fóumami sandwich”

While it’s true that you won’t find a deli in Beijing, sandwiches are prevalent throughout Asia and continue to gain in popularity throughout the continent. Take the huge number of cultures involved, multiply that by the incredible number of potential ingredients, and you’ll know why it’s almost impossible to define what does – or doesn’t – make an Asian sandwich.

Crisp and flaky on the outside, while soft and chewy on the inside, our Shao Bings are the bread that helps define every Fóumami sandwich.

We draw on many influences for the fillings. Beyond the family recipes that are influenced by China’s Shandong region, Korean flavors infuse our Grilled Ribeye Steak Sandwich, while our Curry Chicken Sandwich draws its inspiration from Japan. We believe in choosing one principal ingredient, making it the star, and rounding out that flavor with supporting elements (including crisp or caramelized vegetables and freshly snipped herbs) that complement rather than overpower.

Food lovers who appreciate sandwiches with flavors that need to develop and deepen (such as meatloaf and pulled pork) will love our braised pork loin and beef brisket that have been cooking for hours, before we serve them.

Chicken Katsu (a sandwich that includes panko-breaded chicken breast cutlet, topped with shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, drizzled with katsu sauce) has caught on like wildfire in Japan and throughout Asia. We predict that you’ll be thinking of our version at your 10AM meeting or noon workout.




Bings (breads, noodles and dumplings) are a product of the northeastern regions of China, where wheat is prevalent. They are particularly tied to the Beijing-Shandong style of cooking and come in many sizes, shapes and textures, ranging from flatbread to a crepe-like wrap for both sweet and savory ingredients.

While you’ve probably been ordering bings for years by way of scallion pancakes or moo shu pork, we believe that you’ll instantly be able to taste what makes ours special. Fóumami makes a wide variety of bings, including:

Shao Bings, the unleavened bread somewhere between focaccia and pita that makes all of our lunch sandwiches special. Two separate sets of dough are combined and rolled out again to create a consistency that when baked at a high temperature is crisp and flaky on the outside, while soft and chewy on the inside.

Cong Yóu Bing literally translates to “scallion oil bread” or scallion pancakes, which makes our breakfast sandwiches standout delicious. Order soup or salad at Fóumami and you’ll get this wonderful accompaniment on the side.

Bao Bing, which literally means “wrap pancake,” is the basis for our wrap sandwich specials that we offer periodically.

Táng Bings are a round, crisp and chewy dessert flatbread that we serve hot with sesame and melted brown sugar that we offer as a special treat on occasion.




Fóumami offers its own homemade hot and iced teas; signature mixed beverages; specially handcrafted coffees; and a full selection of bottled waters, juices and soft drinks.

We put an extra effort in our own iced teas, which are also served hot during the colder season. Our ginger tea is infused with ingredients including fresh ginger root and brown sugar. We wait for kumquats to be in season and infuse fresh ones in a tea with lemon and brown sugar. Our cinnamon tea gets a huge flavor boost from real cinnamon bark and dates, and lovers of green tea will appreciate the high-quality Japanese tea that goes into Fóumami’s refreshing version.